The best solution for microscope slides


Specially designed for standard glass microscopes slides, these sample holders can welcome

  • 18 slides of 75×25 mm or 8 slides of 75×50 mm in the BeaQuant .
  • 4 slides of 75×25 mm or 2 slides of 75×50 mm in the BeaQuant-S .

These sample holder can be found on the range of BEEL, HEEL or BELA.


BEEL architecture is specially designed to enhance the spatial resolution for low energy electrons emitters. The structure of the sample holder is carefully designed to ensure a very good homogeneity of response over the whole field.


After 2 years of research we developed the HEEL sample holder. Specially designed to perform autoradiography on PET radionuclides, its internal structure increases the sensitivity to these high energy emitters


Latest sample holder released, the BELA is designed for alpha particles. Together with a new reconstruction algorithm, it allow a very precise image of any kind of alpha emitters. The BeaQuant with the BELA sample holder is the only commercial system available on the market for precise imaging and quantification in the framework of targeted alpha therapy.