Ai4r or Atlantic Instruments for Research was founded in 2012 by Jérôme Donnard after 10 years of research.

Our imaging solution was designed by the fundamental research laboratory Subatech in Nantes, France.

Through our R&D department, our machine was improved to offer you a new generation of gas detector for real-time autoradiography in the field of preclinical research.

The BeaQuant can be used to locate the radioactivity of all alpha or beta emitters in various size samples. Our innovative technology based on a quantitative mapping of radioactivity as a large range of applications in sciences fields as Oncology, Neuroscience, Drug Discovery, Ex Vivo preclinical studies or Geology.

The creation of the BeaQuant was driven by the desire to give researchers image precision up to 20 µm with 3H radioisotope, shorter exposure time compared to phosphor screens and black imaging plates and sensitivity even with a small amount of radioactivity in a sample.

Our Team

Samuel Duval

Dr. Duval is the head of the Research and Development department. He has a PhD in nuclear physics and he graduated in nuclear medicine. His specialty is study and conception of ionization detectors.

Jérôme Donnard

Dr. Donnard, founder of the company, graduated in nuclear physics from IMT NantesAtlantique. He has competence in radioactivity detection, in civilian nuclear field and also has sales, operational and financial knowledge.

Tugdual Oger

Dr. Oger is the head of the production department. He has a PhD in nuclear physics. His field of expertise includes nuclear imaging, ionization detectors and liquid noble gas detector.

Remy Sence

Mr Sence has more than 30 years experience in the life science and industry markets. Before joining AI4R , he held several positions in sales for laboratory instrumentation. He joined the team in 2014 and is in charge of international sales.

Vanessa Roumilhac

Miss Roumilhac is in charge of the American market. She graduated in International Trade. She has relevant experience abroad in several countries such as China, Ireland and Singapore. Her range of expertise includes Sales, Marketing and Communication.