AI4R range

We deliver the most sensitive autoradiography range able to detect very low level of radioactivity. With the 2 solutions BeaQuant and BeaQuant-s, all sizes of devices are now available with the same features. With an unrivalled sensitivity and the widest range of radioisotopes on the market, from very low energy emitters like 3H or 99mTc, to high energy emitters like PET tracers as well as alpha emitters for Targeted Alpha Therapy for instance, the BeaQuant range suits perfectly your needs in imaging.





Real time imaging

The real time imaging allows you to determine the perfect exposure time for yours needs. A rapid quantification? A very detailed image? Just adapt the exposure time dynamically to fit your expectations. Thanks to the real-time imaging, you can see the results within only few minutes.

Adaptative image definition

Unlike phosphor screen scanners, the BeaQuant output file is a list mode file of all the recorded disintegrations. This allows a dynamic image reconstruction with a pixel size fitting perfectly your expectations. You want to address very small details? Just zoom and reduce dynamically the pixel size to enhance the structures.

Presentation of the adaptative pixel size of the autoradiography, The enhancement is clearly visible on small details.