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To fit all the sizes, all the needs and all the budget, discover the new BeaQuant-s

BeaQuant - Real-time autoradiography

The creation of the BeaQuant was driven by the desire to give researchers a real-time digital autoradiography system with a resolution up to 20 µm, shorter exposure time and sensitivity even with a small amount of radioactivity in a sample.

  • Spatial: Alpha 20 µm – Beta 20 µm – High energy beta or beta plus 50 µm
  • Linearity over 5 orders of magnitude
  • Sensitivity: 0.0005 cpm/ mm2

About us

AI4R is the world leader in digital real-time autoradiography, developer and manufacturer of the BeaQuant system. Our experts designed this new instrument to offer you better image quality, greater freedom in handling and more user comfort in imaging simultaneously alpha and beta particles.

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